+201-702-2903 Monday-Sunday 09:00 - 18:00 21 66th St, West New-York, NJ.
+201-702-2903 Monday-Sunday 09:00 - 18:00 21 66th St, West New-York, NJ.



NJ Storage

Storage Services Available

We are proud of our high standards for cleanliness, safety and security. We invite anyone to visit our warehouse unannounced for a free tour.  When you visit us, look for a clean, orderly environment and ask why our storage solution is the safest.


* We offer flat rate pick-up and delivery fees so you can plan your budget accordingly; no unexpected pricing changes.
* We provide over-sized storage vaults, which helps to reduce your monthly costs by reducing the number of vaults you will need.
* Your furniture is protected with quilted blankets to provide the highest level of protection while it is in storage.
* Rain on move day? Not a problem for SAFE LOAD MOVING with our specialized “vault” trailers are designed to keep the wooden storage vaults dry when loading/unloading at your residence.
* We offer clean a modern warehouse complete with monitored fire and security systems.

Services Offered:

* Inventory management
* Consolidation and distribution
* Vault, pallet and rack storage
* Asset management
* Office & Modular furniture storage
* High value product storage
* Sensitive equipment storage
* Space reservation


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